Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I really like this pair of shoes from DSW.  I am loving ankle boots/booties right now and I don't own a pair.  I think there are like 6 pair that I want.   LOL   I wish my birthday was coming up because then I could probably talk my loving husband into a pair.  :)   I'm not really sure when my love of shoes started.  I guess I've always liked shoes.  I feel like you can change your whole outfit just by changing your shoes.  Maybe that's why I'd rather buy shoes than clothes (most of the time).  I can wear the same outfit with different shoes and it looks like a new outfit!

Anyway, these wishlist posts won't always be about shoes I promise.  ;)  As a matter of fact I think next week I'll share some pictures of a house out here in East Texas that we really really like that we have our eye on.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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