Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December?!

Holy cow!  Where has this year gone?? It is December 1st and that seems crazy to me.  I love Christmastime, I do NOT love the craziness that this season brings.  I always find myself getting stressed out.  I remember last Christmas while I was attempting to decorate our house... we had just moved a few months before to this house that is much, much smaller than our last house.  I have a hard time fitting my stuff, nevermind trying to put Christmas stuff up.  I was really not in the decorating mood last Christmas.  Which is not like me at all, because usually the Friday after Thanksgiving we dig everything out, get a tree and spend the day decorating.

So anyway, I am feeling a bit better about the whole idea this year.  Tomorrow is the day we are planning to go get the tree and start some decorating.  I think part of my problem is that I need some new decorations.  :)

I am planning on keeping it kind of simple, but pretty this year.  I have some new ideas for our tree too.  So I'm starting to get excited about putting it all together.  I love Pinterest for Christmas decor ideas.  There is so much great stuff on there for Christmas, I especially love looking at christmas trees.

I will be sure to post pics of the tree this year - which in case you are wondering will be real.  We have always done a real tree.  Growing up in MA, they have tree farms everywhere and you cut your own tree.  Which was one of our family traditions.  In TX, they have tree farms, but the trees are weird and not the kind of trees that I like.  So we go to Lowes.  Which kind of takes away from the fun of it.  So I think after Christmas this year, we might invest in a really nice artificial tree.

Do you go with real or fake?

Happy Thursday everyone!