Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kitchen Table Sneak Peak

Ok so here is the first part of my table and chairs overhaul.  For this project I bought Valspar Gloss spray paint and let me just say that I will now only use valspar.  It coats evenly and looks great.  Krylon is easier on my poor trigger finger, but it just doesn't cover as well and its kind of drippy.  Ok that being said, the color was Mediterranean and it is such a pretty blue.  I also incorporated this color into a frame wall that I am working on in our dining room.  I love it, pics to come soon.  :)

So far I'm happy with the transformation.  The big question is whether I want to apply a black glaze to the whole thing, or just leave it alone and put a clear gloss sealer on it.  hmmm decisions decisions.  I'm leaning towards just the clear gloss sealer so that it looks clean and crisp.



I sanded it with a medium grit sand paper - really just the top.  Since I had painted it black and applied a stain, I wanted to rough that up a little bit to help the primer stick good.

See, it already looks way better and that's just the primer!
One of the things I really love about this table is the drop leaf on both sides.  Makes it very versatile.
That's all you get for now... But let me tell you the blue on my table looks so fanfreakintastic I can't even stand it.


Sarah, Three Boys said...

AH! You are a tease:) i can't wait to see what you have planned. Love your blog BTW your chairs are perfect!!

mom2crazygirls said...


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