Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One Of Those Days

So my darling 8 year old decides she is going to wear soccer cleats to school today.  Which most days she comes out of her bedroom dressed like she is a circus performer and I let it go, because is it really that big of a deal if she wants to wear flowers on top and stripes on the bottom??  But this morning I told her she'd have to change her shoes because the cleats were probably 2 sizes too small - at least.  So she decides to wait until about 5 minutes AFTER she should be outside waiting for the bus to start looking for other shoes to wear.  Of course she picks the ones that have like 50 knots in each shoelace.  I throw her shoes on her feet grab her bag and a sweater and tell her to get outside for the bus.  She's yelling that she is going to trip over her laces.  I'm yelling back that she shouldn't have waited so long to find new shoes and she's gonna have to tie her shoes on the bus... Holy Cow, that kid is going to give me a run for my money.  She loves to argue with me - over EVERYTHING!  I'm constantly reminding her that I don't need her commentary, a simple Yes Ma'am will do.  

I forsee troublesome teen years with Rylie.  On one hand she is sweet as can be, and on the other hand she can throw a fit like nobody's business.

Pray for me


Steve B said...

I've heard that it's usually the quiet ones you really have to watch out for.

Tryston said...

I see a lot of Rylie in Olivia. Especially this! I'm scared for our future as well. lol

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