Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dresser Re-Do

So we've had this dresser for a very long time.  It was mine when I was a kid, and it somehow ended back up with me now that I'm a grown-up.  It's been in a guest room, in our kid's play room, and now it sits in a lonely corner of my garage.  We just don't have the space for it anymore, so I've decided to give it a makeover and sell  it.  I mean, who doesn't want a solid wood 3 drawer dresser, right?

Anyway, here are a few before pics for ya to enjoy.  I'm so excited about how it's turning out!  It looks so good!  I can't wait to share the after pics.

Anyway, happy wednesday.  Check back in a few days, I should have her finished.

This was after I cleaned and sanded the whole thing.  Palm sanders rock.

The drawers after they'd been sanded.

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