Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More More More

I keep adding blogs to my list of favorites and they are all so great with so many neat ideas that I keep coming up with projects... uh oh.  At least I'll have lots and lots to share with ya'll!

So here is my current list of home projects that I am either working on or will be working on very soon:

1.  Kitchen table and chairs re-do... table is almost done still have to do chairs.  But let me tell you, I think the table came out even better than I had pictured!

2.  New floor lamp made from scrap wood - I know you're terribly curious about this one.  And ooo it's a good one.  Not my own idea so I can't take credit for it. 

3.  We live in a very small lake house, so I currently have zero storage for extra sheets and pillows.  You might be wondering where they all are.  That's a very good question - they are currently in the garage, my kids closets and on top of my dresser in my bedroom.  Soooo, I have a 3 drawer dresser in my garage that I have decided I am going to re-do and turn it into our TV stand.  So that it has multiple uses.  It has 3 very deep drawers, so I will have plenty of space for extra sheets.  :)  Smart thinking right? 

4.  The antique desk that my TV is currently on I think I am going to refinish and try to sell on craigslist.  I just don't have the space, and I love the piece, but maybe someone else can enjoy it as much as I have.

5.  Still need to finish painting inside doors and trim - yuck - absolutely no fun at all.  I'm hoping while I'm out of town this weekend, that my darling hubby will finish all that up and maybe even paint our bedroom.  I dropped the whole "but it's mother's day" on him, so we'll see.  haha

6.  I have an antique hutch/buffett kind of cabinet in my dining room that I want to refinish to match my kitchen chairs.  It is currently black, but I want to paint it red and take the sander to it to really ding it up and glaze it with my  new favorite product - Valspar antiquing glaze in asphaltum (black). 

So you can see I have quite alot on my plate, I think I need about 4 more days in the week just to finish house stuff.

Oh and by the way, it would be great if you'd follow my blog!

Have a great Monday everyone

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