Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kitchen Table Reveal Part 2

So here are all the details of exactly what I did and what I used to re-do my table. 

I used valspar gloss spray paint in mediterranean.  Which is a much prettier color than I thought it was going to be.

I cleaned the table good, then I sanded the top only.  I had previously painted the top black and stained it so I wanted to make sure to rough it up a little bit.  Then I applied a primer.  I didn't cover every nook and cranny, because well, I hate priming.

Then I painted it.  After it was all dry, I gave the whole thing another good sanding with a medium grit sandpaper.  I wanted it to look really scuffed up and old.  Mission accomplished. 

Then I used a black glaze over the whole thing.  The glaze settles into cracks and distressed spots and gives it an antique look/feel.  I used valspar antiquing glaze in asphaltum - which is black in case you're wondering, and I got it at Lowes.  I am loving valspar products right about now. 

Anywho - I will be adding a clear sealant (not a spray, I don't like the way they cover).  I will be brushing it on.  It's a clear gloss.  I want to add a layer of protection, but I also want to give it some shine. 

Then my chairs I will be painting red and distressing and glazing as well.  Hopefully will have time to get to those next week.  Don't you love turquoise/teal and red together?  I think it's my new favorite color combo.

See table makeover pics here

And I would love it if ya'll would follow me.  :) 

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