Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Color Options

So the other day my landlord calls up and says he just bought a new property.  He wanted me to go over and take a look at it to help him pick out some colors for the outside of the house.  It's that hardiplank siding I believe, and it is kind of a drab, yucky gray right now.  It's a cute house, small, nestled in the trees, with a large front porch and a front door with lots of windows. 

So I went to Lowes and picked out some colors for him - I gave him 2 options.  I hope he picks one so that I can see my choices in real life! 

The colors I picked were a creamy yellow for the house, with a lighter yellow on the window trim and a pretty royal blue color for the front door.

The second option was a kind of sea green color, with a lighter version for the window trim.  And a dark cranberry for the front door. 

For the porch, I recommended that he power wash the whole thing - living in the woods causes all that mildewy stuff to grow on things.  And then I think he should stain and seal the porch.  It looked pretty  new and in good shape.

What colors would you have picked out?  I like the green/cranberry color best.  I hope he goes with that one.  :)

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Tina said...

Either one would look nice. When you wrote blue and yellow I said, ah, that's nice, but the second is great too. I'd even do a plum door on either of the color choices.

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