Friday, April 29, 2011

Chair makeover

Not to be confused with my kitchen table/chair makeover.  I've had these chairs for several years.  I got them at a garage sale.  Yay for garage sales!  Which reminds me, I am in desperate need of a garage saling Saturday.

Anywho - like I said these chairs were from a garage sale, and they have seen better days.  So now they are in a nifty little corner of my living room and I painted them a sundried tomato and then wiped on a light coat of stain for a little dimension.  Totally livens up my little corner, don't you think?

Chairs - $10 for 2 - which may sound pricey, but he wanted $10 each, so I basically got one for free.  :)
Krylon sundried tomato spray paint - $10 for 2
Small can of minwax early american stain
Pretty new chairs - priceless

Notice the spray paint -no need to prime or sand.  Now that's my  kind of paint!




Barb said...

Cute idea, now add braided chairseats in your livingroom colors to finish the effect. At least this is how my much older mind works, lol. . . .

Tina said...

brightens the corner up! looks good!

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