Monday, April 25, 2011

So Many Ideas So Little Time

I have been itching to repaint our kitchen table for quite a while now.  I did refinish the top several years ago.  I painted it black and distressed it.  The chair seats all have roosters on them, and I love roosters, but I've looked at them long enough now.  The table and 4 chairs were given to me for free!  Holla!  The set itself is quite country.  Everything has that crackle finish on it.  But while I was searching the web for ideas on what to do with the table I came across these kitchens.  Hello!!! Aren't they just perfect.  Holy cow, I love the turquoise and red together like that.  So the decision has been made.  I will definitely post before and after pics on this set.

Kitchen table/chairs inspiration

I love these old 1950's tables. They always remind me of my grandmothers house.
 I keep my eye open for one every now and then.
I just don't want to pay as much as they sell for.  :(

Isn't the turquoise and red just so classic and clean looking together??  I wonder if the landlord would freak out??

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