Thursday, April 28, 2011


Let's talk all natural cleaning supplies... Quite a while ago, I switched over to all natural cleaning... I get lazy sometimes and don't feel like mixing up a new batch of whatever and reach for the windex, but for the most part, I only use all natural ingredients to clean the house.

This is one that I use all the time on everything including windows and it works great...
I can't remember exact measurements, I think I usually just eyeball it

Spray bottle
1/2 vinegar - vinegar is an excellent disinfectant and deoderizer.  Once it dries, the vinegar smell goes away
1/2 water
1-2tsp liquid soap - I use ivory, but you can also use Dr. Bronners liquid castille (found at health food stores or drug stores)
2 tbs borax - found in the laundry aisle

Leave a little room in the bottle so you can shake it all up. And just shake it a little before you use it.  But we clean counters, tables, windows, outside toilets with this mix.

You can use straight vinegar inside your toilet.  Disinfects, deoderizes and cuts through any rust stains.  Just pour maybe 1/2 cup in, let it sit just a bit, and scrub away.

Ok, this one takes up a little more time, but it is worth it.  I do notice a difference when I use this compared to a store bought brand.  The clothes just seem a little brighter and fresher...
2 bars of grated ivory soap, or you could use 1 big zote bar - can be found in laundry section of grocery
1 cup borax
1 cup washing soda - NOT baking soda, they are slightly different products - also found in laundry section
Blend everything up in a food processor until it looks like powdered laundry soap, store in a covered container.   For large loads use 2 TBS, for small loads use 1 TBS.  Doesn't sound like alot, I know but trust me your laundry will be clean.  You can also use straight vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser in your machine.  This helps to deoderize your laundry and prevent static cling.

Look at that, you learn something new everyday.
I would love to hear if you have a great all natural cleaning recipe that you use.

I have a few more to share, but I'll save those for another time.  :)

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