Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ok so I am completely and totally in love with this blog.  It is like the best blog E. V. E. R.
In my own little world we are best friends.  Anyway, she has an utterly fantastic sense of style - she calls it thrift store chic.  I love thrift stores.  So much good stuff.  I love finding something that I can turn into something else.  AHHH I may or may not have a problem with thrift stores. 

Anyway, Mandi has so many great ideas, that I just have to steal and tweak a few.  :) 
Brandon just wishes I would finish painting the trim in the living room, but what's the fun in that??

So anyway, I have a project that I just finished and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it turned out.  I also just bought some copper glaze today for another project that I am starting tonight, and will be using this glaze.  I will let you know if I like it or not.  And I will post pics of my projects soon. 

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