Tuesday, November 12, 2013

One Wall At A Time

So we moved into this house in July and I have been trying to do little things here and there as I have time.  The living room is almost done.  I am a total thrift store addict.  I absolutely hate buying stuff brand new - well most stuff.  I'm not talking like socks and underwear here...

I can see potential in all those ugly, unwanted end tables at the good will.  And I love a mix match mentality when it comes to decorating.  I don't know that I have a definite "style" - If I like it, I find a way to use it.  I guess you could say I'm sort of eclectic with a leaning towards country.  But not like a wood shelf with heart cut outs country.  More of country chic - is that even a style?  Well, it is now.  :)

I love when I can take something old and yucky and make it new and fabulous.

I've said before that I don't necessarily want this blog to just be about projects - but since projects and decorating are part of my everyday life - they are bound to creep up every now and again.  So I do want to share a wall in my living room that I just did.  In my head it looked different, but in the end I am really happy with what ended up appearing on my wall.  lol

Let me tell you a little secret about my projects process.
1.  I decide what I want to do
2.  I do it

Yup, that's it.  I'm not really a measure, tape, find the center kind of girl.  If it looks imperfect, all the better.  My husband was gasping during this whole project.  I finally let him measure the wall and find the center for me.  But then he had to take our girls trick or treating (I stayed home to hand out candy) so I banged out the rest of the wall while he was gone. *insert sinister laugh here*

Is it perfect, no - but I love it.  Once I add a few more things to the room, I will happily give you guys a living room tour.  But for now, this is all you get.

Would love to know what you think...

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