Monday, November 4, 2013

It's Ok To Be Scared

Something new is stirring in me.  A desire to be more, to do more, to maximize my full potential.  I told my husband a couple of weeks ago that I feel like something is coming.  So I've been doing some dreaming, planning, mind mapping - you know, all the fun stuff.  My husband is my biggest supporter.  When I lack the self confidence, he builds me up and gives me 100 reasons why I CAN do it.  But he also encourages me in the areas that he really believes I can excel in, rather than just giving me the - "Sure babe, do whatever you want".

Needless to say I am working on the whole self confidence thing.  I struggle with the whole - why would anyone want to know what I have to say?  What's my experience?  But you know what, I'm learning to move past that, to embrace who God is calling me to be.  I DO have things to say, I DO have experiences to share.  I feel like I am entering a new season of my life, and while it's a little scary, it's also exciting.  I used to dread change, but now I almost long for it.  Life is too short to not take some risks right?  I read this the other day - "If all we have to lose is some time, money and energy, then the risk is worth it." And I couldn't agree more.  If you never take the risk, never go for the ask - the answer will always be no.  And so what if you get some no's along the way or some funny looks.  I'd rather look back and say that I did it, or I tried it, than looking back and wondering what would've happened if I had.

See you soon 

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