Friday, November 8, 2013

Family Apple Picking Day

I was so excited for apple picking this year.  Since living in TX for the last 8 years, we haven't been able to go, so I was so excited for this year.  I love a northeast fall season - and apple picking is a must...  We loaded up the girls and the dogs on Columbus Day weekend and drove the 3 hours to MA, to see all the family for the long weekend.  It's always nice to just get away.

Everyone, well almost everyone got together and we had a great day.  Enjoy the pictures!  (Courtesy of my sister)
all the cousins

me and my sister

not sure what was so funny, but i love this candid shot of my 13 year old

me and the hubby


baby cow - ahh, i LOVE baby animals

almost the whole family

monkey in a tree  :)

the kids all wanted a picture eating an apple.  too bad these were all rotten.  LOL

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