Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cranky People & Angry Crowds

What is it about the Holiday season that brings out the worst in people?  I guess the stress of cooking, family visiting, shopping, cleaning etc., all builds up and overwhelms us until we reach a breaking point.

The last few years, I have dreaded this time of year.  I do not like dealing with cranky people or angry crowds - which ironically brought out the worst in me during the "happiest time of the year".

So, I am making a purposed effort to be extra nice to cranky people and to enjoy this time of year with family and friends.

Let me challenge you that when you find yourself getting all holiday bent out of shape, that you find a way to make someone else's day better.. after all, giving always makes the heart happy.

I mean seriously people, if you're gonna get that stressed out over it, then what is the purpose?  Because you are making the rest of us miserable.

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