Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time To Change It Up

Ok, so I have a confession - I love to distress... furniture.  I love to take some boring piece and totally change it by painting, sanding and staining, and I've got the itch again.  I've redone our bedroom furniture, our former dining room table (now being used as my desk), end tables, an antique hutch my mom gave me, our kitchen table.  And now I'm wanting to re-do some more furniture.  Specifically this small kidney bean shaped table that my aunt gave me years ago.  Its a dark natural wood, but I just can't wait to paint that sucker and put some new hardware on it.  I just need to decide on a good paint color.  I'm going to go with a whitewashing technique for this piece which involves 2 different paint colors.  I've never actually done this process before.  I usually just sand the piece down, paint it, distress it with sandpaper and then put a coat of stain on it.  I'll be sure to take some before and after pics.  Oh and Lowes and Home Depot are great places to look for "oops" paint if you ever get the urge to re-do your own furniture.  :)  I love love love the oops paint section.  And because I don't need alot of paint for these projects I can usually find quarts of oops paint for really cheap.  Look for my before and after posts coming soon!


Tina said...

pictures please....

Sofi Stellar said...

I grew up watching my mom do these things, but i have yet to attempt it myself now that I have my own furniture/place. Can't wait to see the before and afters!

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