Sunday, January 30, 2011

Before and After

I wanted to just make a quick update on my running/working out program.  I said I was going to get back on track for the new year, and for the most part I have.  Brandon and I went to the gym the other night, we have a small facility in our community that's open 24 hours to residents which is nice.  So anyway, it's been cold out and I just HATE running in the cold so we decided to go to the gym.  I also HATE treadmill running.  I have this fear that the treadmill will randomly increase in speed and I'll be that person flying off the back of the dumb thing.  Well, rest assured that did not happen, but it's just so boring to run on a treadmill, I'll be glad when spring is here.  I did run about 2 miles though, so that's good news! 

Ok, on to the next thing.. I mentioned a few posts ago about having the desire to refinish some of my furniture.  I've refinished most of our furniture already actually, it's alot of fun.  I love how you can take some old cruddy piece and make it look totally different with some paint and new hardware.  Anyway, here is my latest project - it's just a simple table but I'm very happy with the way it turned out.  I whitewashed this piece and used a pale yellow paint, and light tan/beige and a pure white.  You can use any colors you want .  So fun!  Give it a try, you'll get hooked.

The process...
1.  Pick 3 paint colors - 2 colors that you love, and 1 white or offwhite/light beige
2.  Lightly sand the piece you will be refinishing
3.  With one of your 2 favorite colors paint the entire piece.  You can do 2 coats, or just one if you want more of the paint strokes and wood grain to come through.  I did 2 coats for this first application. 
4.  Wait for it to dry completely - this is important, don't rush the 2nd paint color step.
5.  Mix the other of your 2 favorite colors as follows, 30% paint to 70% water and paint over the piece with this mixture.  Let it dry completely
6.  Now take your white or cream color and mix it the same way, 30% paint to 70% water and paint on a last coat of paint.  When it is completely dry, sand the whole thing until you have the look you want. 
7.  If your piece has hardware you can add new hardware at the very end.  The table I did had wooden drawer pulls, but I will be adding vintage glass knobs when I find the right ones.

You're finished!  Fun right?  And the best part is that there really is no way to mess it up.  I think that's why I love it, If you sand it a little too much, no one will notice!

There are different ways to whitewash something, you can google it to get some different ideas.  My next piece will definitely have more dramatic colors!

original piece

after 2nd paint color

with the last coat of white diluted paint.  it's hard to notice
because i used such light colors.  it would be much more
dramatic with more contrasting colors, but i wanted to play
it safe with my first whitewashing experience

Finished... the pale yellow and the tan come through from the sanding
you can see the yellow more on the drawer fronts.  This would be really fun
with some more dramatic color choices

I'll be adding some new knobs for the drawers, I just haven't found the ones I like yet.  Easy and fun way to change up your space.


Anonymous said...

Love it! I have some pieces to do as well...I had Joel sand my kitchen table & chairs awhile ago....did the chairs but have yet to tackle the least you can be outside! We have 90 feet of snow! LOL

I would do knobs from fave if you can't find good vintage!


Tina said...

great job! i like the close-ups!
Another thing you can do to make some $$. Go through people's trash and then sell things like this for $100! :)

michelle said...

holy cow kim, i looked at anthropologie's stuff... how CUTE!!! i may have to skip vintage and shop there anyway. had no idea they had stuff like that

michelle said...

ive thought about it - many times actually. i think that would be so much fun. however, a total bummer if i ended up with a garage full of refinished pieces that i can't sell. :)
maybe ill try a small piece to start with and see how it goes. ;)

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