Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Constant

This post may be a little all over, bear with me...

My faith in Jesus plays a huge role in my life - in my family's life.

I've written before about our move to NY from TX, and we had a hard year.  A lot of things that I didn't understand - where was God in all of it?  Surely He had something better in mind for us - where was He when we were struggling - a million thoughts and questions like that ran through my head.  I was constantly being reminded that God never leaves us.  He may be quiet at times, and He will allow hardships and struggles so that we can grow and learn and be better, but He is always there.  He is the constant.

We took the kids ice skating the other day and I watched a video we took of Rylie skating with Brandon.  It was such a clear picture to me of the relationship that God wants with us.

Brandon never left Rylie's side even though she fell mulitple times.  She got right back up, and all she had to do was reach for Brandon and he was right there to help her up and get her back on her feet.

I love that Jesus does the same for me.  Never leaves my side no matter how many times I fall down. No matter what I am going through.  He may be quiet and watch from a distance to see what I will do when I stumble, or when I am dealing with something kinda hard, but all I have to do is reach out for Him and He is right there to put me back on my feet.  I love that!

click through to watch the sweet video


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