Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dry Winter Skin

Living in the Northeast makes for some very dry skin in the winter.  I work with money a lot at my job too, so I am constantly washing my hands, which only makes them drier.  So I thought I would let everyone in on a wonderful dry skin cream.  I use it every day.

This is a homemade cream - and is best applied all over while you are still damp from bath or shower.  My skin feels so good after I use it.  If you use too much you will be slightly greasy, a little goes a long way with this stuff.

You should be able to get this stuff at any health food store...
Coconut Oil - a few big tablespoons 3-4
Shea Butter - a couple of tablespoons 2-3
Apricot Kernel Oil - a few drops plus a few more drops
Almond or Grapeseed Oil - a couple of teaspoons
Jojoba Oil - just a few drops
Rose Water - couple of teaspoons (this part is optional)  I feel like the addition of the rose water makes it a little more lotiony and less thick like a butter, and helps it to absorb just a little better.  But the more water you add, the faster it can spoil.  This only makes a small batch though, you don't have to worry about it spoiling unless you don't use it for like 6 months.

You can put it all in a pot over a boiling pan of water and melt it.  Then put it in freezer to cool - maybe 10 mins or so, and then using a blender/stick blender whip it until its creamy.

I don't always melt it, I just use my stick blender and mix it all together.  Put it in a small containter, and you're done.  Nice, creamy body lotion that is actually good for your skin.  I mean seriously, what is in most lotions out there??  A bunch of crap I don't want on me...

Your skin will thank you for this, I promise.

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