Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick Tip...

So the other night I was staining my new headboard for the master bedroom... (i will post pics of that later on)
I didn't bother to wear any gloves, I never do, so I had major stain hands.  I'm talking every inch of both hands was covered in minwax's dark walnut stain.  :)

As you all know, you just cannot wash oil based stain off with soap and water - totally futile.  So I decided to pour a little canola oil on my hands and work it around for a bit.   No lie, the stain came completely off in about 1 minute.

Just pour some oil on your hands, rub it all in really good, then use some soap, lather it all up a couple of times and VOILA - stain gone!  Any oil will work too by the way, whatever you've got in the pantry.

Who needs gloves when you've got Canola!


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