Friday, October 7, 2011

I Made A Pillow Cover!!

A NO SEW pillow cover!  These were so quick and easy.  I made two for our bed as part of our bedroom makeover.  These were made from fabric napkins that I bought at Target.  4 for $10...
These came out so great, I couldn't be happier with them.  Did I mention they were NO SEW?!

For this project you will need:
(2) 20" cloth napkins (the ones I used were 100% cotton) - this will make one pillow
18"x18" pillow form
Heat and Bond - can find this at any craft store... Michaels, Hobby Lobby etc.  I'm not sure what size mine was because I already had it and it was not packaged, but I think it would be a little better maybe if you went with a slightly larger width on this stuff.  Mine was pretty skinny, and I think it would be better if it was slightly wider so there is more bonding power.

1. Iron your napkins so they are not so creasy from being folded.
2. Take one of your napkins and cut it down the middle
3. Lay the uncut napkin face up on your work station
4. Apply a strip of Heat and Bond around each side of the napkin and iron it on.  I put my strip right where the seam is sewed on all 4 sides.  So you should have a square of heat and bond around your uncut napkin.
5. Now take your napkin halves and place them face down  (you want right sides together) on the napkin you just bonded.  You want to make sure that the cut edge is facing the outer edge, not toward the middle.  So you should have both halves, face down on the whole napkin with the cut edges facing out.
7. Iron all 4 sides on medium heat until the napkin is bonded together.  You will need to hold the iron on for 6-10 seconds to make sure the Heat and Bond gets a good stick.
8. After the napkins are bonded together, cut a small piece off of each corner, diagonally so that when you flip it right side out, the edges are square.
9. Turn it right side out and iron your seams.
10.  You now have a pillow cover - with a split down the middle back to insert your pillow form!

Couldn't be easier!!
And this pretty yellow pattern will look so good in my new bedroom.

Sorry I didn't have step by step pictures.. but if you have any questions, let me know.  Or you can just google no sew pillow covers, I'm sure there are a ton of how to's out there.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Anna@MyDesignEthos said...

Great project Michelle - I love that fabric you've picked! Can I ask if you can see the pillow sticking out on the back side? Every time I've made envelope covers they always seem to split apart so you can see the cushion.

Michelle said...

You can see the pillow a bit, yes... Someone said you can put a small safety pin to close it up a little. Honestly it doesn't bother me much because I know no one will ever see the back side of my bed pillows. lol

lori said...

love this! i can't sew... so this is perfect :) i want to learn... but dont really know where to start. i love the fabric as well!

Sarah, Three Boys said...

Love it, that is my kind of pillow case! Simple and totally cute.

Heidiopia said...

I've used that Heat and Bond before and it's awesome! I'll have to try it on this project-- love to have options when it comes to pillow covers. :)
Visiting from TGC~
Heidi @ Show some Decor

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