Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Ok ya'll be patient, this is kind of a long post, but I really need some help.  Some of you will remember my kitchen table makeover see table here.  I am in love with the table, but I am completely stuck on the chairs.  My original plan was to paint them red, because I really like the whole blue/red thing.  But I've tried 2 diff. reds and I am not a fan of either one.  The first one was a fire engine red.  Then the second one was more of a berry color. Which I like better, but it's still not right.  You can see the berry chair below...

So now I'm thinking maybe I don't want to go with red after all.  I just re-did a thrift store chair see thrift store chair here and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that yellow (golden maize from valspar).  AND I really love turquoise and yellow together AND I have this buffet/cabinet thingy in the same room that I want to paint that yellow.  So now I'm thinking that they maybe need to be yellow to help tie everything together.  It's a pretty small room, doubles as my dining room and my office, so I'm afraid it will look weird with too many colors floating around.  So I think I'm kind of sold on the yellow for the chairs - what do you guys think??

So another issue I'm having with the chairs is that I cannot figure out what else to do with them... I feel like they NEED something, but WHAT?  It's driving me crazy.  Maybe it's the chairs - I like the idea of having 4 mismatched chairs all the same color - I've also played around with this idea.

So you can see where I need ya'll's help.  I would love any input - ideas, pictures, suggestions, I'm open to almost anything at this point.  I've googled and blog searched and I think the problem is there are just too many options.

Help a girl out - would love to hear what you would do with the chairs.  The table is staying that color blue - that's the only thing that is not changing in this scenario.  :)

Thanks for the help everyone!


Tina said...

I'd paint the table yellow. ;p

Steve Blumer said...

green goes with that color chair.

Michelle said...

Michelle...have you thought about doing a simple "slipcover" that goes just over the top of the chair? I love this look, as you can paint each chair a different color, (if you really want to get wild:), and then find a fabric that really ties them all together? I love the back covers that tie in the back. Of course I'm definitely not a decorator! I LOVE to craft anything and everything, and would "home decor" mine as other peoples' houses as well. I would really enjoy starting my own blog....but am still learning the ropes off the wall question, but do you have any recs on starting blogs, or know of any pages that help? So sorry to let my thoughts ramble ramble as usual!

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