Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Free Stuff

Some time ago I came across Warby Parker on a friends blog.   I filed it away and decided to visit again.  Well, they have this thing where you can pick five different vintage style frames to try on for FREE for five days with NO obligation to buy anything.  After 5 days you send the frames back, tell them which ones you want (if any) give them your prescription and they send you a pair of glasses.  The glasses are not free, but they are a pretty darn good price, and they come with anti glare, scratch proof stuff on them - which I found out I need both.

They also have this thing where you buy a pair of glasses and they give one away - pretty cool.

So my 5 FREE pair of frames should be on their way soon.  I may post pictures of myself in each pair and let you guys help me pick a pair.  We'll see how I'm feeling that day.  :)

I love getting free stuff.  How cool is it that you can keep 5 pair of frames for 5 days to decide what you like??  Whenever I am picking out new frames, it takes me forever to decide and I feel like I have to rush in the eye place.  So I like that I can take some time to decide.  And if I don't like any, well, no big deal - just send them back and try again. 

Check them out - they have sunglasses too!

These are the 5 styles I picked...

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Tina said...

Number 1 and 3 may be a little too similar to what you have. Go different!

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