Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can We Really Be There Already?

So my 8 year old, Rylie says she has something to tell me yesterday when they came home from school.  She informs me that there is this little boy in another third grade class that is always staring at her and smiling at her.  Well apparently yesterday he asked her if she wanted to "go out".  Does an 8 yr old even know what that means??  So I asked her what she said to Carsyn.  Her response was, well I ran away and said no because I like Cooper and Hunter, and I want to call Hunter a cutie pie.  Really??  Are we there already with her?  I knew this would happen faster with her than with my 11 yr. old.  Rylie has always been the more outgoing one.  We've never really had a boy talk with Rylie...  I mean we've done the whole never talk to strangers talk, don't be a bully talk, behave in class talk, obey your teacher talk, but never a -when you can "go out" with boys talk.

Of course she thought the whole thing was hilarious, and at first thought you kind of go, oh that's cute.  But I don't want my kid to be the one that's kissing boys behind the gym in third grade.  So I guess it's time for a serious boy talk...



Tina said...

Well, the positive thing is that she felt comfortable with you to tell you and didn't keep it a "secret" so you must be doing something right!

Sarah, Three Boys said...

oh, goodness! Cute but oh my. I can't wait until I have the conversation with the boys... that should be interesting!

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