Friday, September 2, 2011


So I got alot accomplished yesterday which is exactly what I wanted to do.  I had a bunch of errands to run, and house stuff to do, and in the midst of my errand running I discovered that I had been driving around for a year with cancelled license plates on my car!  I renewed my registration online, like I always do, and when the sticker came in I realized the plate number didn't match what was actually on my license plates.  So off to the county office I went, thinking just a mix up or something silly.

When we bought the car a year ago, we moved out of the county a month later.  We never got our license plates, so we called the dealer - they said they were going to cancel the plates and send out new ones.  Well, they sent us the ones they cancelled.  It's a good thing I try to obey driving laws and I didn't get pulled over at all in the last year, because the nice lady at the tax office told me that would have been a "massive fine" and "good luck talking myself out of that one".

But all is fixed now.  I have new license plates and a new registration sticker and all is good again.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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