Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today is kind of a gloomy day.  Add to that, the fact that I have been trying to kick this head cold I've come down with.  I got so sick on Christmas Day, it was awful.  The worst is over it seems, and now I'm just trying to clear out my head. 

Anyway, the day after Christmas we took the kids shopping to use some gift cards they got for Christmas.  I had some too, so to make myself feel better I bought myself a super cute pair of boots.  All is right in the world again.  HAHA

So if you wouldn't mind terribly, you can click on my business facebook page (to your right) and read about my New Year promotion.  You can get your name entered in a drawing to win a nice prize just by sharing my Etsy shop on your facebook page.  Details and rules are on my business page.

I'm off to make some cookies.  I know I should probably eat some fruit or something especially since I'm a tad under the weather, but cookies just sound so much yummier right now.  :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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