Monday, February 3, 2014


Let's just say that I have a love hate relationship with exercising.  Since we've been in NY ( a little over a year) my workouts have been pretty non existent.  I feel so much better when I exercise regularly so why don't I do it more often??

Anyway, one of my 2014 goals, along with the rest of the planet was to get more exercise.  I don't like doing anything that is going to take me an hour.  I will quit that crap before I start.  But I also know that what might have worked when I was 20 isn't going to work now that I am almost 40.  You have to work a little harder the older you get - but I am determined that I don't want to be an "old" grandmother one day.  I want to be in shape in my old age, so I better get crackin.

I just ordered 2 DVD's from Amazon - and so far so good.  The one I have been doing is personal training with Jackie Warner.  There are like 5 15 minute workouts, you can do separately or combine depending on time.  So I can workout everyday.  It's pretty fast paced, which I also like, cuz I am getting some cardio in there too...

2 days down and I already feel better about myself.
Just keep repeating - I can do this, I can do this



JoJo said...

You rock lady!

Sara said...

Thank you! I needed to read this today. Trying to motivate myself to get active as well. I will do it today!

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