Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another DIY & Home Improvement

So I got this cute little bench at a flea market a few weeks ago.  It needed a little work and the legs were all uneven.  So once I got it home, Brandon evened out all the legs for me and I painted, stained and lightly distressed it.  I bought some of that sticky shelving paper that you can buy at the dollar store and use it to re paper your drawers.. and I put a piece of that along the top of the bench.

We have a garden every year, but this year we can't because we are too heavily populated with deer.  We live in a community where you can't hunt the deer and people feed them so they know they are safe and will eat any landscaping or gardens.  So, I decided I wanted to at least grow some herbs and I thought my little bench would be a cute way to display them.  I put the bench in the living room in front of one of our doors.  Herbs need south sun all day and the front of our house faces south.  So now we should be able to enjoy herbs for a while unless I end up killing them, which is entirely possible.  :)

And if you're curious the herbs I planted are basil (love love love basil!!!) rosemary, thyme, oregano.  I also love rosemary.  At our last house we had a huge rosemary bush by the front door and I loved the way it would smell..

Once I notice new growth on the plants I can start snipping pieces to use.  The more you snip the more they will grow!

Now for my other news. We have decided to continue renting this house we are in for awhile.  It is just so expensive to move, and frankly we are so sick of moving.  (13 times in 13 years of marriage)  Don't ask.
So we are staying put for awhile.  I know alot of people are against renting and think it's the worst thing you can do, but I am totally happy with renting for now.  But the great news is that our landlord, who is great by the way, is going to do some much needed updating to this house.  We are getting laminate wood floors, new vinyl in the kitchen and laundry room, I get to paint ALL the wood paneling, laminate wood floors in master bedroom, removal of all wall paper... It's quite exciting.  This will be the perfect little lakehouse once it's been updated a little.  So I will post some before, during and after pics.

Tomorrow is our trip to the Tyler zoo, I need to remember to bring my camera.  I'm so bad about that.


Tina said...

1. Yes, camera!
2. Awesome you can do all that work! Hopefully you're there long enough to enjoy it a bit.
3. Who said renting was dumb? I think it is great. You get to live in the property. They have to pay for all the big bills (furnace, septic, plowing.) Who cares if you can't call it your own? If you only have enough money to pay for a monthly bill, then it isn't time to buy a home anyway. If I wanted to buy a home, I'd want one I'd really like. I wouldn't get one just to say I have a home. So if that isn't till I'm 60, I'm OK with that. It is a HUGE investment!

Tina said...

PS- Great finished product...oops forgot to write about that!

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