Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday Style

Hey Everyone!
I feel so bad that it's been so long since I've written anything.  I hate when I let it go so long, but we've just been busy.  And this whole time change thing is really messing with me this year for some reason.  It must be old age, but I swear I feel like I should be going to bed at 6pm.  It get's dark and I lose all motivation to do anything else.  I hate that.

So anyway, I thought I would stray from my "normal" posts and do a Sunday style post instead.  I have no idea if this will become a new addition to the blog or not.  I love fashion, but I've never really considered incorporating that into my blog.  I love reading fashion blogs, so maybe I'll add a style post in every once in awhile, we'll have to see.

This is the outfit that I wore to church Sunday.  This was a little out of my comfort zone, which makes me like it even more I think.  And I also couldn't decide if this outfit was age appropriate.  I love the look of shorts and tights for the fall, but I have a hard time being ok with wearing it - like I'm trying to relive my 20's or something.  LOL  But I think it came out really great AND appropriate for a 36 yr old.

I've been seeing alot of blue and orange together and I LOVE that color combo.  I've also had this pair of shorts that I've been dying to dress up for fall somehow.  And I'm pretty sure this outfit is a new favorite for fall.

I was done taking pics at this point, if you couldn't tell.  haha

Pin stripe shorts - Thrifted
Shirt - TJMaxx
Tights - Target
Wedges - Thrifted - I could wear wedges everyday of my life... love them!
Gold Belt - Thrifted

Who doesn't love a great outfit that was almost entirely thrifted?!  I paid more for the shirt than I did for everything else combined I think!  

And special thanks to my 11 yr old daughter for taking these pics of me.  

So what do you think?



Tina said...

Couldn't tell they were pinstripe until the last photo. Who was your photographer? I think it is super cute and I can't wait to try it out! Not sure if I'll be brave enough to venture out ;p

Michelle said...

kalyssa took pics LOL

jenloveskev said...

Ooooh this is a great outfit!!! Love it!!

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